We advise our clients how to effectively secure the repayment of debts or other obligations that will allow to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation.

A trial in order to protect one’s rights is usually time consuming and expensive and sometimes ineffective, for example due to the insolvency of the debtor. Such situations give rise to numerous perturbations. Therefore, we suggest appropriate safeguards to avoid time-consuming and costly legal proceedings. There is a wide range of available instruments under Polish Law, thus the use of the appropriate mechanism depends in particular on the type of protected rights, their value and degree of risk related to the transaction.
The range of matters we deal with include:

  • limited property rights, such as mortgage, pledge and lien registration;
  • transfer of title by way of security;
  • surety;
  • promissory notes;
  • disclosure of the claims in the land register;
  • bank guarantees and trust accounts/escrow accounts;
  • an irrevocable power of attorney.

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